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You can register as a member by filling in the form below. If you want to request a trial training please contact us via the contact form on the website.


The undersigned hereby applies for membership at t.t.v. Spaarne with effect from:
Membership is entered into for an association year. An association year runs from July 1 to June 30. He / she undertakes to pay the contribution in advance every six months during membership, for youth members the contribution is paid annually. Membership is tacitly extended by 1 year, unless canceled in writing before 1 June at the membership administration. It is also possible to take out a membership for six months, this must be stated when registering. He / she undertakes to become acquainted with the rights and obligations laid down in the Articles of Association and the Rules of Procedure of the Spaarne Association. These are available for inspection at the association. When agreeing, you also give permission for the privacy statement of the association. For minors, the parents or guardian must also countersign. We hope that you will enjoy the table tennis club Spaarne.

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