The regular playing afternoon for the youth is on Tuesday (4:45 PM to 6 PM). The groups consist of both boys and girls. During these training sessions, attention is paid to learning technology, but there is also room for game forms.

The groups are mixed and consist of a maximum of 10 children. You can register for a test training (only on Tuesdays!) By contacting via het contactformulier. De trainingen worden gegeven op locatie Maerten van Heemskerckstraat 69A te Haarlem.

For cancellations of a training, let us know: call the room on nr. 023 - 525 5663

TTV Spaarne currently has two youth teams in the youth competition (6th class). Information about the competition, such as results and game dates, and information about tournaments can be found on the website. The home games are played on Saturday morning from 10:00 am (room open from 9:30 am) until about 1:00 pm. The competition consists of approximately ten games per six months, five of which are played at home and five from. The parents involved are expected to take care of the transport to the away games in turn. Supervision is available during home games.

Prospective members can play three training sessions for free to get acquainted with the sport table tennis and our club. A registration form is available from the trainers.
Beëindiging van het lidmaatschap kan alleen schriftelijk door een brief te richten aan de secretaris van TTV Spaarne, George Mur. Bij opzegging is alleen voor het lopende kwartaal contributie inclusief bondsgelden verschuldigd, mits uiterlijk de 15e van de eerste maand van dat kwartaal wordt opgezegd. Voor het nieuwe seizoen en het 1e kwartaal is dat uiterlijk 15 juli. Na de schriftelijke opzegging volgt een schriftelijke bevestiging van de secretaris.

The children must wear sportswear (shorts and t-shirt) and sports shoes during the training. As soon as players enter the competition, they must meet the NTTB clothing requirements. TTV Spaarne club clothing must be worn in competitions and tournaments.

Table tennis bat
A good bat is needed to learn table tennis. The table tennis bats that are sold in the regular sports store are often not good. They are insufficiently rough. Bat members are available for aspiring members or a starter bat can be purchased through the trainer. The trainers can provide advice on this.